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Burj Khalifa Residents Risk Getting Locked out of Lifts Unless Service Fees are Paid

burj-khalifaResidents of the world’s tallest building fear they will have to take to the stairs if their landlords do not pay outstanding service fees.

Burj Khalifa tenants living as high up as the 108th floor could be locked out of elevators and car parks if landlords do not settle the charges by Saturday.

The developer Emaar has also warned that security cards giving access to the building will be deactivated. Services such as air conditioning will also be switched off.

“It’s one thing to do this in a five-storey building. It’s another thing for the tallest building in the world,” said K K, who lives above the 20th floor.

“The two big things for us are the AC and the elevator. You can’t open a window here so it will be like sitting in a box. We can’t walk up and down all those floors so we may have to stay with friends.

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