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Viewing Properties in Dubai

garden-in-dubaiWhen you move to Dubai the first thing on your mind is probably to secure some accommodation.  However, for many new arrivals to these sandy shores the rental market in Dubai can be quite bewildering. After all there are not too many countries that demand up to a years rental up front or think that it is OK to offer you a garden with all dead plants let alone the fact that it is the tenant that pays the agent unlike most countries where it is the landlord!
To help you through this minefield Expat Echo with the help of Move One Relocations and 1Step Properties have put together some useful tips.

The Rental Market Moves Quickly

Dubai has a fast-moving and vibrant rental market with properties being snapped up within minutes of being viewed. This, together with the usual practice of Landlords listing their properties with several real estate agents at the same time, means that a property you have viewed at 2pm, may subsequently have received an an offer from another prospective tenant who viewed it an hour earlier with another agency that your agent was not aware of.  Bearing this in mind, it is advisable to let your agent know your property selection as soon as possible so they can act quickly on your behalf. It is also a good idea to have a second property choice should your first choice no longer be available.

The Utilities of Unoccupied Properties are Disconnected
Unoccupied properties will not usually have their services (water, electricity, A/C) connected whilst empty. This can mean only being able to view during daylight hours.Your real estate agent should bring a flashlight to use if needed.  It is worth noting that during the summer months in particular, the properties will be very warm and humid, and can have an unpleasant odour however, once the property is occupied and the A/C is re-connected, any odour will fade away

Internal Conditions of Unoccupied Properties
It is not at all unusual to visit properties that have dusty floors and less than perfectly clean walls and wardrobes. You may also find that some properties have previous tenants unwanted items. On signing the lease your need to confirm that the property will get a basic paint and clean before you move in and all unwanted items will be removed by your landlord.

External Conditions of Unoccupied Properties
If a property has been left vacant for a few weeks or more, especially in the summer months, it is not unusual to encounter dead grass and plants in the garden.  Once your lease agreement is signed by both parties, you will be able to re-connect water and electricity and the garden will “come alive” in a month or so. Some landlords may agree to minor improvements in landscaping, and this can be discussed with the landlord. Cleaning, landscaping and garden maintenance will be the responsibility of the tenant

Vacant Properties are Often Left Unlocked For Viewings
Often landlords leave vacant properties unlocked so that as many agents as possible will have access to their properties. If this is the case, an agent may not not be present during the viewing . In the event of an offer being made on a villa, an agency fee will still be required, regardless of whether an agent was at the viewing or not.



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