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Look up ‘car window tinting’ in Dubai on the Internet and you will get loads of links. When we bought our cars in Dubai, they came completely clear as the dealerships did not offertintig service. They did, however, organize for our tinting to be done by their partner / vendor. Read more

Louise is an British Expat who has lived in Dubai for 13 years. As she has watched  the city develop she has become a hub of knowledgeable information.

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As the main sponsor, Move One were proud to enter three teams in to the 2010 swim around the iconic seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab. It is impossible to envisage the distance and it is only as you arrive at the start line under the hotel, that the reality hits home that yes, you have to get to the other side. This is an annual charity event to raise money and awareness for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Read more

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