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Archive for February, 2011

Q.  Dear Louise, My son 8 years goes to a class where students are a year elder to him. therefore there are lot of conflicts in sense of maturity and attitude towards his class compared to other students. We wanted to speak to a good child psychologist or child behavior specialist who could guide us as to whether we should let him repeat a year and to meet students of his year or there is another way to go about it. Read more

So, you are new(ish) to Dubai or possibly planning to relocate to Dubai in the near future? We are happy that you have found our blog, Expat Echo Dubai. Hopefully, you will find it a helpful resource during your settling in process into this unique city.
First of all, let me start by the obvious. Dubai is unlike any other city in the world. It’s very likely that you will be relocating here from some place very, very different. Do not fear. Don’t let the glitz, glam or size scare you. Read more

Romanian expat Clementina Kongslund  moved to Dubai with her Danish husband in May 2010.  She guides us through what led her to join the Ranches Ladies!

Shortly after settling in to Dubai, I gave birth to our daughter in August. I knew nobody here and I didn’t have many possibilities to meet other people due to my condition.  I saw the Arabian Ranches Ladies Club flyer at my community swimming pool and thought it was a great opportunity to meet my neighbours, at least. I joined the club in September and I haven’t missed a meeting since, and now, I am the Group Coordinator. Read more

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