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Archive for August, 2011

Q Hi! Louise, If I leave my job, lose my residency visa from my office, then go back to India can I come back to Dubai on a visit visa within a month?

A Further to your question kindly note that you can apply for a visit visa through a sponsor once you leave as long as you cancel your old visa normally without any ban type.‎

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained this Eid why not check out iChild! You will find lots there to keep your children busy and entertained, including hundreds of free printable activities and educational resources for various age groups. This month, they even have new activities covering themes such as Summer and Eid. Your child can enjoy colouring in these Eid printable greeting cards, crafts and colouring in activities! And you can send pictures of the Eid crafts that your little ones make to and they will feature the best ones on the website! Happy Eid! Read more

The Rib Room at Jumeirah Emirates Towers

Jumeirah Emirates Towers has relaunched its steakhouse restaurant yet again; now by the name of The Rib Room. Quite cleverly, the hotel’s Agency wine bar has relocated right next door which am sure helps pull in the punters. Read more

Dubai, one of the most impressive architectural cities on the planet is a vibrant city filled with mystique. This Emirate has the largest population in the United Arab Emirates and is home to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building on Earth. Real estate, oil, and tourism industries is what has kept this city in continuous expansion over the last 100 years and for many more to come. Expats make up the larger percent of inhabitants here but the Emirati or local population, though out numbered, add an inextricable degree of authenticity to this modern metropolis. After experiencing all this city has to offer, not only the basics such as sun, sand and shopping, one will realize that there is so much more to discover in the Emirate of Dubai. Read more

Q Dear Louise, I am moving to Dubai to work at a school. Is life okay, what is it like for a single English woman living in Dubai? Please help. Lisa

A You will love it. There are tons of young single people living in Dubai – many who are in the teaching profession. It will be easy to meet people through your job and there are many sporting/charity/social groups to meet people through. Dubai is a great location to take Read more

Expat Echo Dubai is a one stop central resource to answer all of your questions about relocating to and living in Dubai. The interactive site features relocating key tips, expat forums, access to obtaining a moving quote, settling in, community and how to video guides, monthly newsletters and relevant articles related kids, health, what’s going on in Dubai, relocating tips and much more. And any unique question you may have can also be directed to “Ask Louise” as she is our savvy Dubai expert expat. Expat Echo Dubai provides all you need to know about successfully living, surviving and thriving in Dubai right at your fingertips! Read more

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