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Archive for September, 2012

Recently while driving along the outer bypass road the kids looked in horror as we drove past a burning car.  There was no other car involved so it wasn’t a car crash so how did this occur? It could well have been due to where the car had come from.

A few second hand car dealers around town are becoming greedy and are buying up cars cheap from American auctions.  The cars are cheap as many of them have been badly damaged due to accidents, hurricane season floods or fires.  Once brought into the Emirates the garages fix the cars using inexperienced labour and this is where the problems begin. Read more

Hair for Hope is back in October. Do you know any girls with long hair who are considering cutting it? If so why not suggest they donate it to a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. In return for this selfless donation they will receive a fabulous new haircut free of charge along with a make-over. Read more

If you relocate to Dubai in the hot summer months you may ask yourself ‘will this heat ever stop?‘ but come mid October the fog sets in signalling a change to the weather and before you know it Dubai is bathed in months of glorious weather.  BBQ’s are dusted off and weekends are spent with friends by the pool, at the beach or camping under the desert night sky.

However, you maybe confused about which beauty regime to use that suits this outdoor lifestyle. Read more

If you have recently moved to Dubai or are moving home within Dubai one of the questions you should be asking your prospective landlord is proof that they have paid their service fees.  If not you may soon find out that those lovely swimming pools and tennis courts you thought were free to use with your home are no longer available or even worse your garbage is no longer collected and is forming a nice pile outside your front door.

Recently anyone driving around the Emaar development of Arabian Ranches will have been greeted at the barrier to each compound by the sign ‘Community Service Payments Due’ then each villa that had not paid their service fees named for everyone to see.  What Read more

Hi. I need to car boot some stuff… Having looked online there seems to be 2 options in Dubai: Safa park and the autodrome. The later seems more interesting as it’s inside but I can’t find out how to book a place (their face book page is inactive and so is their website). Do you know how to get hold of them or if they still exist? Thanks Read more

Looking for poppy seeds to make some poppy seed cake but can’t find them anywhere? Read more

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