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ask louiseQuestionI’m an expat wife and I cant have kids. Back home in South Africa I was finally making it as a designer in the Fashion industry and lectured for almost 10 years in Fashion. Two and a half years ago my husband got relocated to Dubai and so my career took a huge knock. I’ve been going crazy trying to keep myself occupied finding any odd jobs and things to keep me busy .. but now I’ve had enough. I need to have my career back to and start designing and making clothes again otherwise I’m going to loose my mind.  Being an expat wife is hard and challenging when it comes to work. Can you point me a direction of what are laws and what would it involve if I wanted to start up a little design studio, and employ a tailor so I can supply some stores in Dubai with small ranges of clothing. Please can you help with info on the legal issues. Read more

annual race in wadi bihHeld every year since 1993 the Wadi Bih Run is the oldest regular running event in the region.

If you’ve recently moved to Dubai or been living here for a while the Wadi Bih Run is a must do event for any keen runner.

The run is for teams of 5 runners, with each runner completing about 15km to give a total distance of about 72 km. Hardy individuals can run the entire distance solo. The relay is for teams of 5 runners (1 female mandatory) on asphalt road then gravel track to an altitude of 1000m (36 km) & then returns to the start, a total distance of 72km. 4 runners shall complete the first and last stage and individual runners the other stages. The route is marked by stage markers between 1.5 & 4.2 km distance and the support vehicle transports the other team members along the route. Read more

Myself and Girlfriend (both of us 25) intend to move to Dubai in Jan 2014. However we are unsure of when we should be applying for jobs and what is the best way of doing it? We have both been working for the last two years, I’ve been working in insurance/finance and Sarah in sales/marketing, we both have business related degrees. Any information and advice you may have would be really appreciated. Read more

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