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lianneThis week’s Into-yous features British expat Lianne Welford

Tell us a little about yourself
Having lived in Dubai for seven years, wanted to be self-employed and independent so started up JUST A SECOND . . ., basically recycles second hand car seats, pushchairs – anything from the baby world. I will sell them for you so they must be in near perfect condition. Read more

ask louiseQuestionMy Father has recently joined my husband and I here in Dubai after my Mother passed away. Do you know of any senior clubs or groups he could join to be a little bit more active and meet people . Read more

teen-talk-dubaiTeens Talk Dubai is the only You Tube show created to support the multicultural youth of the Gulf Region. It is a 25-minute bi-monthly show on You Tube which is hosted by Maria V. Chatila, Family & Relationship Coach. It is supported by an all youth cast both in-front and behind the scenes. Teens Talk Dubai strives to empower teens with skills to become stronger support systems for their peers and to become more skilful members of relationships whilst giving them a voice and an opportunity to be heard and understood.

Our mission is to provide teens with a platform to discuss the issues & challenges that teens are exposed to today.

We sit on a set with a green fluffy carpet and coloured chairs. We eat cakes, cookies and anything sweet and delicious. We munch on crisps and salsa as appetisers and finally tuck into pizza for lunch! Teens sit on the panel and openly voice their thoughts and Read more

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