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We are likely to move to Dubai in the coming months and will be moving with our dog. We are keen to know if pets are allowed in motor city apartments since we plan to stay in that area. Also could you recommend options for short term rental where we can stay with our dog? Read more

bubs-boutique-travelling-with-kidsWell, summer’s well and truly here – and unless you’re determined to stay in Dubai for the whole season, most conversations include, ‘where are you off to on your hols?’

But while it’s lovely to chat about upcoming vacations, there’s a certain amount of trepidation when the nitty-gritty matter of actually ‘getting there’ is discussed – especially for those of us with young kids and babies to transport. Basically, whoever coined the phrase, ‘To travel is better than to arrive,’ clearly never attempted a long journey with children…

Here are our top five tips for families wanting to arrive at their destination in better shape. Read more

When the time comes to say goodbye and move on, a mixture of emotions emerge.
Sadness, relief, stress, fear, can all set in. No doubt it is a stressful time, so be kind and patient with yourself as you try to cope. Goodbyes however, never dismiss the impact and significance of the memories and relationships made. The impact you, and others, have had on each other during this season will last forever. Memories last forever too. Read more

Calling all dogs,
Has your family left and gone for the summer?
Is Dad and you the only ones left behind?
Is Dad at work all day and needs a bit of help to look after you during the day?
Well, help is at hand…

Homely Petz Summer Stopz programme is just for you. Read more

salmanThis week’s Into-yous features Canadian expat Salman Quraishi

Tell us a little about yourself:
I was born and raised in Dubai, UAE for the most part with stints overseas for school and university. I run a business called Apex Gulf Enterprises (LLC) which deals in automotive car care such as 3M window tinting, paint protection, vehicle graphics & car detailing. The company is also involved in the architectural market with products such as sun control window film, safety and security film, decorative window film and commercial graphics. Read more

retirement-in-europeA lot of expat clients assume that when living in one European jurisdiction, originally from another, that they can effectively decide on which countries tax they pay on financial instruments such their pension, income and investment gains. This assumption is based on the fact that many European jurisdictions have Double tax treaty’s in place, meaning that individuals do not pay tax in two jurisdictions on the same financial instrument. Although a lot of EU member states follow a OECD format when writing their treaty this is not always the case. It is very important to assess the treaty of the country that you are considering retiring to in order to put the right financial plans in place. This will avoid paying undue tax and also help in deciding which of the many popular European destinations to spend your retirement years in. Read more

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