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Capsule Arts will feature unique work of 18 GCC artists; offers bespoke services to UAE residents and businesses

A new platform to buy art through a limited edition print collection and bespoke artist commissions has been launched in Dubai, supporting local artists throughout the GCC.

Capsule Arts, the brainchild of co-founders, curators and artistic entrepreneurs Deepa Bhatia and Rachael Brown, has collaborated with 18 artists from around the world, who all live, work and create art in the GCC, to launch a series of artwork for consumers and businesses to hang in their home or workplace. Read more

Hi, I have just moved here and about to rent an apartment.  Can you please just tell me what documents I need to check before renting as I have read so many horror stories in the media. Read more

ask louiseQuestionLooking for labels for the children’s school uniforms.  I would like the embroidered sew in type labels as from years of experience the iron on ones always fall off after a few washes.  I have just moved to Dubai so not too sure where I can buy these types of things – can you advise? Read more

doing-up-a-house-final-pmSo we’ve all watched Property Ladder, House Doctor, Sarah Beany and a plethora of home improvement programmes in the UK, but what’s involved in doing up a house in Dubai? Permission, permission, permission for a start! Having helped a friend go through the process recently we have learnt that many changes you may like to make to a villa need to pass planning permission. For Emaar properties this means you having to draw out plans of the potential changes, submitting the technical drawings (you can ask Emaar for a CD of your villa plans) and writing out a simple scope of works document. You’ll also have to submit your title deed to prove ownership, passport and visa details, as well as a license copy of the contractor you are using to carry out your work. Don’t forget the Dhs 5000 (refundable) Read more

Ten essential checks to make before you move.

Having just moved to Dubai you maybe pretty impressed by the beautiful villas that line the streets of Dubai.  Many of them look quite palatial from the outside and it is easy on first impressions to want to sign the rental contract to secure your dream home.However, the quality of build in this town varies  a lot and the harsh climate that Dubai is subjected to for much of the year can be tough on buildings.  If the maintenance has not been kept up to date that palatial home that you thought you were renting may turn out to be one big headache. Read more

Q  We have recently moved into our new villa but before we did so we had lots of maintenance companies in the villa, each with a key, so we would now like to get our locks changed. Can you recommend a company for this? Read more

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