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Many expats in Dubai are very used to being relocated and moving on, and this time of year sees many of us giving up all our scheduled activities to go through all the junk we have gathered over the past couple of years – where did it all come from?

Some people may not be moving internationally, they may just be moving locally to a new villa or apartment due to an increase in rent or to another location nearer their place of work.  But whether we are moving thousands of miles or just around the corner, there is always ‘stuff’ to get rid of. Read more

Summer in Dubai is hot on our heels, so now is the ideal time to dust off your outdoor furniture and spruce it up before the hottest months burn down upon them.

Wood is a natural product and as such, will react to the environment in which it is stored. The appearance of the wood will change as it acclimatizes to being exposed to the atmosphere, never more so than during the summer months here in Dubai. There is a naturally occurring process of protection which the wood undergoes and as it does, it changes to a silver-grey colour, or patina. This patina or silvering is unavoidable. However, the process can be slowed and the original colour of the wood maintained by applying teak oil sparingly, once or twice in the lead up to summer. Read more

pet-cagesAs a follow up from our article ‘The Real Costs of Owning a Pet’, we wanted to help answer the question: “Well how much will it cost me to take my pet back to my country?”

The truth is, it’s dependent on a whole lot of factors and owners should get an exact quote for their pet. If you are looking to adopt a cat or dog, it never hurts to pick up the phone and have a chat with a pet relocation company to get a guideline on price and requirements for the animal, should you return home.

But that doesn’t answer the question.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide details on the cost of every animal, of every weight/size, to every country. However, to provide a ‘ball park figure’ to those relocating with a pet, we decided to create an ‘Example Family’ and we contacted Move One Pet Transportation & Services to get some figures. Read more

mina-liccione-headlinerThis week’s Into-yous features American expat Mina Liccione

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a performing artist, comedian and arts professor. I co-founded Dubomedy Arts and the Clowns Who Care Project alongside my now husband Ali Al Sayed.

When did you move to Dubai and what brought you here:
In the summer of 2007 I was booked to perform in a far way place called the United Arab Emirates that I hadn’t heard of. Little did I know those two and a half weeks of performing and teaching would be life changing. Everyone I met said the same thing, ”we need to laugh more”… ”I wish there was some comedy here”… ”you should start a comedy and dance school.” I took a leap of faith and decided to return to Dubai in 2008 armed with tap shoes, jokes, a clown nose, many years of experience and a dream to build something meaningful. Read more

Teacher-view-blogSchool fees are on the rise; gaining access to the top institutions requires registering your child’s name on a waiting list years in advance and the government is now proposing to lengthen the academic year by 10 days.

With parents increasingly flummoxed by the UAE school system, it’s interesting to find out what the educators think? spoke to two Dubai-based teachers, who are also parents, to gauge their thoughts on education in the emirate.

Both teachers work at outstanding secondary schools in Dubai – Teacher A at an English curriculum school and Teacher B at an IB curriculum school – and both have two children attending outstanding primary schools. Here, they answer a series of questions: Read more

ask louiseQuestionWould you be able to help me locate a financial  advisor who can help me arrange a mortgage for a property in the UK. Read more

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