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Mandy was found in the middle of a busy road, she had such a close call that the one side of her whiskers were singed. Mandy is 10 weeks old, de-wormed and vet checked, she also tested negative for FPV. Mandy is the sweetest little kitten, 800 grams of purring power she is a real lap cat and is very good with dogs. If you could offer Mandy a forever home she will spend her life giving you cuddles and life as you know it will never be the same. Read more

missing-dogPet’s Name: Bruno
Last Seen: Jumeirah Park (near the Springs) Wednesday eve June 4th
Microchip Number:  804098100057273
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color: Not wearing

Pet’s Description:
Miniature Yorkshire terrier. Light and dark brown, grey. Very very sweet. Please please help. He is a puppy. Reward offered

If found please contact: Mobile Number: +971 56 130 1362 Read more

30376FULLSummer is a tough time of year for all of the animal welfare groups and shelters. However well before many expats and locals alike head out of the country to beat the summer heat, most, if not all of the welfare groups are already posting ‘SORRY WE’RE FULL’ notices on their Facebook Pages.

Emma Creswell, Shelter Manager for the Sharjah Cat & Dog Shelter (SCADS) says that they average 14 abandoned animals every day. In recent years, the summer months show an increase in that number, with 20 or more animals being left at the shelter daily. As a result, SCADS is overloaded.

Having no choice but to house additional animals in their already full shelter, SCADS currently have an additional 28 pups and 22 kittens on top of their capacity to accommodate 40 dogs and 40 cats at any one time.

Extending capacity puts a heavy strain on them, as sadly, budget constraints dictate the number of animals SCADS is able to provide food and medical care for. Additionally, overcrowded enclosures can quickly become unhealthy environments for an animal’s physical health and mental well-being.

SCADS often reach out to other welfare groups (who are also under pressure) and the general public across the country to offer a reprieve for some of the animals they receive – however the reality is when there is no more space, no one to adopt and no one to foster, animals are put to sleep. Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe are a family of 5 living in the same villa for the last 3 years. Last year my landlord offered to sell us the villa we are currently in, therefore I accepted to sign a contract with an increase above RERA level as well as a rent termination provision mid 2015. Afterwards the guy changed his mind and decided not to sell the property anymore. We are currently negotiating the renewal and I do not want to commit to vacating the property mid 2015 but the landlord does not agree. Needless to say that he would be OK with a 20% increase + another 12% in 2 years. I am thinking to go to RERA but I am wondering what would be their view? Read more

The most common time to relocate to any country is during the summer months. For families with school aged children, July or August is the only option to enable the children to start their new school at the beginning of the term. Relocating to Dubai during summer however can pose additional challenges; primarily the soaring summer temperatures, and the likelihood of coinciding with the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.  But how do these two factors really affect moving to Dubai and what advice can we offer to help make the process as stress free as possible? Read more

ask louiseQuestionWe are French, moving to Dubai in September. I’m looking for the best Classical dance School for my daughter ( 9 years old). She is involved in the best school in our city for the last 5 years.  Dance School in French or English. Many thanks for your help. Read more

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