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44838your rightsRecently has received reports, information and stories from unhappy pet owners in Dubai. In some cases, tenants are being informed by their landlord or property management, that they are no longer allowed to keep their pets in their property. This is forcing tenants to try and re-home their pets or face eviction, sometimes within days of receiving the notice.

Not only is this painful and difficult for families involved, but as detailed in a recent article here , this time of year is already tough for animal welfare groups and shelters. There is simply no more room at the inn, and with the additional threat of eviction for pet owners adding to the summer rush in abandoned pets, there is nowhere for the animals to go.

Most recently we heard from a cat owner in Dubai, who has been a tenant in her apartment for six years. Their original contract only restricted pets in the common areas, but when a new management company took over, new clauses were introduced, but even leasing agents for the building were still telling new tenants that pets were allowed.

However, a letter was recently displayed in the building, advising that all pets must be removed within 30 days or face eviction proceedings. Read more

ask louiseQuestionThis is my first Ramadan in Dubai – can you advise if the supermarkets are open as normal? Read more

This time of year witnesses many expats moving away from Dubai and back to their home countries. Being new to Dubai may have been stressful all those years ago and going back home can be just as stressful. It is not always as easy for you as everyone back home thinks it will be. Here is a great article about ‘repatriation’ with a lovely video at the end, perfect for those of you preparing to make that final exit from Dubai.

This weekend I quietly celebrated my 5th repativersary. Hard to believe we’ve been back home in Canada the same amount of time we were away. And incredibly, we’re not just surviving — we’re thriving. (If you had told me back in June 2007 that I’d be saying that in 2012, I would have laughed and/or cried in your face.) Read more

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