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Last week I anxiously sat next to my 11 year old son as he bravely ate scrambled egg! Why was this such a big deal I hear you say. Well this was the first time he had eaten egg since suffering an anaphylaxis shock aged six at his friends birthday party. The news was great he is not allergic to eggs anymore so Friday mornings before rugby training he can now look forward to a plate of bacon, black pudding, baked beans and a fried egg (sunny side up!!). Unfortunately I still have to carry an Epipen around with me as he is still highly allergic to sesame and peanut. I do not require just one Epipen but four as he needs one on him at all times at school, one in the nurses room, one that I leave at home and one that I carry with me.  Read more

hidden-costsWhen moving to Dubai it is advisable to negotiate your relocation package carefully and really investigate all the hidden costs of setting up home in Dubai before signing on the dotted line.

The thought of constant sunshine and a tax-free salary maybe very attractive to people looking at jobs in Dubai however the salary will soon disappear if you don’t take into account  all costs not just rent and a flashy new car.

Here are some of the cost to help you negotiate the perfect package. Read more

Arabian Ranches was one of Dubai’s first freestanding developments. The Ranches is a gated community located within the heart of the desert on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road leading to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. Arabian Ranches offers 12 different subdivisions with different properties including townhomes, semi-detached and freestanding villas of 2 to 4+ bedrooms. Yearly rent ranges from the low end at 170,000 AED for a 2 bedroom home to 500,000+ AED for a larger 4+ bedroom villa. Read more

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