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Missing CatPet’s Name or Answers To:  Nemo
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  Saheel, Arabian Ranches
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color:  N/a

Pet’s Description:
Male, tabby and white short hair Read more

Have you noticed that everyone seems to speak with acronyms in Dubai?  Ask someone for directions and you might find yourself seriously confused. Or talk about what facilities a house has and everyone talks about the ‘AC’ and as for schools….

We’ve compiled a list of the most used acronyms in Dubai and have created a map to pinpoint some locations for you. Read more

expat-star-awards-2014-bronzeThe team at Expat Echo Dubai are thrilled to be the bronze winners of  Expat Star Awards 2014.

This prestigious awards recognises, celebrates and rewards the sheer hard work, effort and creativity that goes into making an expat blog invaluable to its expat community. The award is a true appreciation and admiration for the people or teams who put everything into ensuring expats have the information and insights they need for a smooth and enjoyable transition to another country or a peak at life in another country.

There were 10 categories throughout the world covering all variety and diversity of expat blogs, portals and websites available today.  Each category had a Gold, Silver & Bronze award.

Thank you

Read more

sabrina-into-youThis week’s Into-yous features American expat Sabrina Montgomery

Tell us a little about yourself:
Hello I am a international Songstress and Entertainment consultant.

As a Jazz Artist I have had the pleasure to perform internationally for luxury brand hotels and venues in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In Australia I have performed with the legendary Jimmy Barnes and the highly talented Jazz musicians of Melbourne, USA and Europe.

Since then I have travelled the world as a international Singer/Musician.  I have sourced performance contracts for singers and musicians for Las Vegas to Melbourne Australia. Read more

unnamedNew fines: Make-up when driving – Dh1,000; Mobile at signal – Dh200
4-12 black points and in some cases, vehicle will be impounded

The Ministry of Interior has issued a circular to traffic departments across the UAE as regards a Dh1,000 fine to be levied on women applying make-up while driving.

The new violation will also include men combing their hair, or adjusting their traditional Arabic head-gear while driving, Colonel Saif Al Mazrouei, Director General, Department of Traffic, Dubai Police said in a press statement.

Motorists found violating the new rule – which Colonel Mazrouei says comes under the dangerous driving category – can also draw 12 black points against their licence and have their vehicle impounded. Read more

Dubai-Courts-2Earlier this month, married British women were warned to think carefully about the state of their marriage before moving to the UAE. The warning was prompted by campaign group Human Rights Watch (HRW), which highlighted the serious legal problems that even non-Muslim women can encounter if their marriage fails while they’re in the UAE and they end up battling their divorce in a sharia court.

HRW also said the UAE authorities were “failing to respond adequately to reports of domestic violence”, leaving battered women here in dire straits.

The caution comes as the UAE prepares for the annual influx of new expat families arriving in time for the new school year. And I feel for them because, these days, it’s very easy to hop on a flight and arrive a few hours later in the land of opportunity without fully comprehending that things are done differently here. Very differently. It is after all a Muslim country governed by sharia. Read more

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