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join-our-teamJOB TITLE:
Senior Pet Coordinator

Animal Transportation Middle East (UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar)

Animal Transportation Read more

frying-pan-adventuresRise and shine! If you’re an early bird looking to dive right into a mix of cultural food experiences around the city, this food lover’s march is your perfect morning cuppa’.

We ride one of Dubai’s oldest forms of water transportation across the historic Creek and find a cozy breakfast table a stone’s throw away from the water. Breakfast will feature your choice of the classics with flavourful twists inspired by local ingredients and Emirati culinary traditions.

We head off after breafast to visit the Spice Souk and learn about exotic ingredients (ever heard of the Rose of Jericho? Myrobalan? Gum Tragacanth?) Test your spice savvy with a competitive foodie game concocted in our Frying Pan laboratory: SPINGO!

We switch gears from spices to coffee, uncovering a coffee collector’s project that aspires to bring coffee culture back to the region where it was born – the Middle East. We learn about regional coffee traditions from Ethiopia to the U.A.E., and lose ourselves amidst the exhaustive coffee collection that that spans roasting, grinding and brewing machines dating back to two, or even three centuries old.

Having worked up an appetite at the souk and museum, we leave the Creek behind and head off to a middle-class neighbourhood that few tourists – or even new Dubai residents Read more

home-security-in-dubaiCompared to many countries that you may have lived in, Dubai is a relatively safe place with a low crime rate.  Many gated communities and apartment complexes have good security protocols and regular security patrols however, this does not mean there are not opportunists ready to take advantage of that unlocked door.

It is a good idea to purchase a safe to keep valuables such as jewelery and important documents including passports.  Make sure you have the safe securely bolted to a floor or wall.  Safes can easily be purchased in shops such as Ace Hardware or Carrefour.

Remember to lock your doors and windows even when you are out for a short time.  Free standing villas have many points of entry and exit and many are quite large so even if you Read more

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