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Teenage girl studyingThe school holidays maybe just around the corner and for younger children this will mean lots of fun as they enjoy all the festivities but for households with teenagers this will mean revision time as many will be returning to important exams in January.

Make sure your child has a revision plan for the holiday and ask them if there is anything they need help with.  It may simply be testing them or you could discover there is a topic that they don’t understand fully.  Hopefully as the parent you will be able to explain it in a clear & precise manner however, it could turn out to be more complicated.  Many parents are discovering that the way subjects such as Maths is taught these days is not how they were taught in the old days! Or it could simply be that your child does not work well with you.  What ever the reason help is at hand in Dubai with companies offering tutors.

Tutors can help by giving  one-to-one instruction, fill in missing gaps that the child may have missed in the curriculum, help the child understand for example math concepts and even help with revision for exams and entrance tests.

Here is a list of companies in Dubai that offer tutors: Read more

swimming-galaOnly just the other day my friend and I are were reminiscing about the good old days when the kids were younger.

The highlight of the primary school year was the annual schools swimming gala where all the Dubai schools competed against each other at one neutral venue – the much loved Dubai Country Club.  The original schools were Dubai English Speaking School, Jumeirah English Speaking School, Jebel Ali Primary School, Horizon, American School of Dubai and because there was one spare lane BSAK from Abu Dhabi were invited along too!

With so many schools now open in Dubai this kind of tournament would be impossible today.  Unfortunately for some age groups  even with the increased number of schools,  demand still outstrips supply.  Year on year  this is being addressed and just this week I have added a couple more schools due to open in September 2015 (Hartland International School & Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park) to our growing Directory of Schools in Dubai. 

If you are moving to Dubai and are finding it difficult to find school places here are some tips: Read more

If you have recently just moved to Dubai you may be beginning to think life here is just one long holiday!

For the majority of expat children in Dubai the countdown is well and truly on till the Festive holidays begins.  However for many, work continues during the school holidays and parents have to think of what to do with the children.  The last thing parents want is their children spending hours indoors in front of computer screens especially when the weather is so perfect so, Expat Echo Dubai have put together a directory of camps (which is growing by the day) to keep your youngsters entertained over the winter break. Read more

As a new arrival in Dubai or even as a seasoned expat having lived in Dubai for many years when it comes to choosing the right curriculum for your child it can be overwhelming as school and their curriculums have probably changed a lot since you were at school. So here is a brief explanation of the various international curriculums you will see on offer at schools in the UAE.

Read more

The best way to really get a feel for a school and determine if it will be the right learning environment for your child is to actually visit the school.  Most schools welcome visits from prospective parents throughout the year but this time of year witnesses many schools in Dubai opening their doors to the public with open days.

Expat Echo Dubai have listed these schools below to make that all important decision-making a bit easier for you. Read more

There is no doubt about it moving to a new country can be overwhelming.

More often than not we arrive with a huge container but no extended family or support network.  Family members can obviously never be replaced but making new friends can be done (in time) as long as you join in with activities whether it be through work, school or hobbies.  However, there are often times where you need that extra support and would like to meet people who are in a similar situation to you whether it be to meet families with twins or children with Special Needs.  Maybe you are going through a divorce and need to speak to other people going through the same thing – Dubai is full of people with initiative who have set up some really useful groups that can help you through the ups and down of life in Dubai. Read more

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