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Pets are allowed in the UAE. However, as you are making the decision to transport your pet please consider the summer temperatures in Dubai, as they are often too high for pets to spend much time outdoors. Pets must be shipped to the UAE as cargo which can be expensive.

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don't-transport-pets-in-summerPet owners are being advised to keep their animals in the country instead of putting them through the stress and potential hazards of air travel during the hot summer months.

“I would like to emphasise that there is no need to transport pets during the summer holidays,” said Margit Muller, a veterinarian and director of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, which also manages an animal shelter and pet-care centre.

“It is much better for the pet to stay in a pet hotel like the pet hotel of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Pet Care Centre where the animal is very well cared for. This considerably reduces the stress for the pet caused by transporting them.”

Abhi Chhetri, pet-relocation adviser for the American Veterinary Clinic (AVC) in Abu Dhabi, also recommends waiting until autumn to transport pets overseas. Read more

missing-dogPet’s Name or Answers To:  Nala
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  Barsha 2 and 3  Last spotted at Saudi German hospital car park
Microchip Number:  956000002414276
Municipality Tag Number:      
Collar Color:  Brown leather

Pet’s Description:
I live in Barsha and my Rhodesian Ridgeback Nala has gone missing in the Barsha 2-3 area . She has extremely good temperament and recall .
If found please contact:  Nicky | +971 55 401 8299 |+971 50 559 6911  | Email: Read more

Missing CatPet’s Name or Answers To:  Winnie
Last Seen or Found (when and where):  27 February
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color:  Yellow

Pet’s Description:  One year old cat lost in Discovery Gardens street 11. Big prize for whoever find it

If found please contact:  | Mobile Number:+971 52 677 5222 Read more

Found-dogPet’s Name or Answers To: n/a senior dog found-trying to locate owners
Last Seen or Found (when and where): Tecom/Greens area, Saturday 20th Feb
Microchip Number:
Municipality Tag Number:
Collar Color:  no collar

Pet’s Description:

Dog found Saturday in Tecom and Greens area!!! please share, senior male dog, about 8 years, not neutered, chihuahua mix. Please call me on +971 50 911 8074 or pm me.  Currently staying with a lady in that area, needs to be reunited with owner and in distress!

If this is your dog please call: | Mobile Number: +971 50 911 8074 Read more

As a pet owner, you know it is important to provide your pet with regular exercise, a nutritious diet and lots of love and affection. But you also have a responsibility to protect your pet from health risks, such as those posed by pests. Ticks and fleas can make your pets – and you – sick and can lead to infestations in your home.

Ticks can be especially dangerous for pets, including animals that spend any amount of time outdoors, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Read more

Watch our informational guide before relocating your beloved friend

If you are about to travel with your pet, watch this informational video. Move One’s Pet Transportation department gives you step-by-step instructions on how to correctly measure your pet before transportation. The video also includes tips on choosing the right size kennel for your dog, whether it is for a short trip or for a relocation across the globe. Read more

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