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So, you are new(ish) to Dubai or possibly planning to relocate to Dubai in the near future? We are happy that you have found our blog, Expat Echo Dubai. Hopefully, you will find it a helpful resource during your settling in process into this unique city.
First of all, let me start by the obvious. Dubai is unlike any other city in the world. It’s very likely that you will be relocating here from some place very, very different. Do not fear. Don’t let the glitz, glam or size scare you. (more…)

&MaxW=640&imageVersion=default&AR-150419403Bike enthusiasts on Wednesday welcomed plans for a 21-kilometre track in Dubai as the ideal way to encourage more people to the sport.

The Dh32 million track will connect with the existing cycle path at Seih Assalam.

It runs beside Al Qudra Road to Emirates Road, passing near Global Village and the Hamdan Sports Complex, and on to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road before heading to the green Al Barari community. Read more

facebook-second-handThat day is coming soon…..the dreaded “M” word…..Moving Day.  What are you going to do with all that stuff?  Will it fit in to your little house back home?  Many people move out to Dubai just with a few belongings and after no time have bought half of Ikea and Pottery Barn to fill their over-sized villas.  But come moving day, you need to seriously think about what you are going to take with you on your next move, do you have enough space in your new home or will it be just sitting in your garage.

Think about selling some of your unwanted furniture here in Dubai before your leave.   There is a very vibrant second hand market going on in Dubai through social media. Many Read more

Not sure if it was the sudden change in weather or simply a regular occurrence, but last week we received visitors that were not welcome! Our house was suddenly invaded by ants, all sorts of ants, little brown ones on our walls, micro-sized ants on our kitchen counters, big black ants that take bites out of your toes. It was awful! Read more

With the weather hotting up, it’s not unusual for people to race home and leap straight into their pool to cool off. Of late the team at Expat Echo Dubai has been known to do just that, however instead of a casual dip we got to thinking about how much it costs to maintain a home pool in Dubai. After all, pools are not nearly as common in some of our home countries as they are here and if you were new to Dubai or thinking of relocating you would no doubt want to know how much a pool (blessing though it is) will cost you to clean and service – especially if you’ve never had one before. Read more

Box_Park_Dubai_ViewWhat is the Box Park in Dubai?

Box Park is a new, open air strip mall type concept that stretches for 1.2 km. It’s a completely new concept for Dubai, apart from the similar set up at North Beach in JBR which opened about a year ago.

Where is Box Park?

Box Park is located on the Al Wasl road, not as far down as City Walk, almost opposite Dr Michaels Dental clinic. The Box Park is on the same side of the road as the big Spinneys. It’s quite obvious to see as all the development is similar to cubist box type architecture. It is the third of a new cluster of modern shops and eateries on Al Wasl road.

What would you expect to find in Box Park?

65% of the outlets will be eateries, not all of them are open, but as of April 2015 there were Lebanese, Egyptian, salad places, Italian restaurants and an ice cream shop all doing a roaring trade on a week day evening! There are plans for a Chinese and Japanese but sadly no plans for any Indian places yet. 35% of the development will be retail. There are a mix of shops, some of which sell unusual gift type items, sports goods and shoes. I popped into one outlet called The Zoo which stocked an eclectic mix of jewellery, quirky gifts and collectibles. See the golden skull below. Read more

How To Move Back Home

When the time comes for an expatriate to move back home, it is quite incorrect to believe that no preparation is necessary. As a matter of fact, repatriating may require more planning, preparation and consideration, than moving into a foreign country.

Going back home may not be as easy as expected. Therefore, it is important that you should emotionally prepare for such a transition. Your life has changed, and it is very likely that the lives of your friends at home have changed as well. Expecting to find everything as you left it is not always realistic. If you can accept it before moving back, you will probably avoid a feeling of depression or sadness upon return. Read more

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