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Gallery of Light Artists in Residence Programme

Gallery of Light Artists in Residence programme ends with an exhibition of work by Khawla Darwish and Mona Fares.

* Exhibition will take place at DUCTAC’s Gallery of Light from 14 – 20 December, 2011

* Featured works include paintings and installation

The second pair of artists taking part in DUCTAC’s Artists in Residence programme are preparing for an exhibition of the work they have created during their residency. Emirati painter and sculptor Khawla Darwish and German-Egyptian artist Mona Fares who have been working alongside each other in DUCTAC’s Gallery of Light throughout their residency, will be presenting a series of brand new works including paintings, mixed media work and installation.

The exhibition is entitled ‘E7SASI’ and will run from Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 20th December 2011. Explaining the title of the exhibition, Khawla Darwish said: “The title that Mona and I have chosen for our exhibition is a play on the Arabic word ‘ehsasi’ which translates as ‘my feelings’. The inclusion of the number 7 represents a letter from the Arabic language that does not exist in the English alphabet. It is common amongst our generation to write in this ‘new’ language that combines numbers and letters to create words written in the English alphabet that can be read in Arabic. This new way of writing is indicative of the world we now live in, where the traditional and the contemporary exist side by side, aided by modern technology.”

The Gallery of Light’s Artists in Residence programme is a continuation of the gallery’s mission to promote and develop opportunities for under-represented artists and curators. It is hoped that the programme will also help to sustain the gallery’s other aim – to provide a platform for dialogue between artists, both locally and across cultures.

The gallery has been open to the public throughout the Residency, with visitors being invited to interact with the artists and watch them at work. Colette Mol, Arts Manager at DUCTAC, said: “The idea behind the Residency is to enable these talented artists to consider their practice from new perspectives, out of the context of their regular studios. For the visiting public, we hope that open-studio access to the artists during the Residency will help to demystify contemporary art making and provide inspiration for their own creative ideas.”

The Gallery of Light Residency Programme is supported by Citymax Hotels. Russel Sharp, COO of Citymax Hotels said that their involvement demonstrated the group’s dedication to supporting the arts: “Our partnership with DUCTAC is an example of our commitment to support local arts and culture within the UAE. We believe in celebrating the local arts in order to strengthen the surrounding community and its heritage.”

The gallery is now accepting applications for future residencies. For further information, please contact see or call +971 4 341 4777.

Khawla Darwish & Mona Fares: E7SASI
Dates: Wednesday 14th – Tuesday 20th December 2011
Hours: 9am – 10pm (Saturday – Thursday) & 2pm – 10pm (Fridays and Public Holidays)
Opening: Wednesday 14th December, 7pm
Location: Gallery of Light, DUCTAC, Level 2, Mall of the Emirates
Price: Free
Contact: +971 4 341 4777 /

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