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Non-Muslims in UAE invited to ‘Fast for a Day’

fast-for-a-dayFast for a day is an initiative by DFRE to educate non-Muslims about the spirit of Ramadan

Non-Muslims who have always wondered about the impact of the month-long fasting during Ramadan, can now get a chance to gain the experience themselves.

You can ‘Fast for a Day’ and be invited to a grand iftar to be hosted at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre on July 28. To help you with it, the Dubai Festival and Retail Establishment (DFRE) will send you facts and tips during the weeks preceding the fast and ensure you are well prepared.

“It is the first ever time we have taken this initiative and our aim is to educate people on what one undergoes during fasting. For the ‘Fast for a Day’ initiative, people can register with us and once they do it, they will get facts and free tips including nutritional advice on fasting.

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