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Ask Louise

Q Hi I am a danish business consultant. My company has got a contract on a 6-8 months project in Dubai, so I have the opportunity of staying in Dubai from August -> February. I would really like to bring my family – IE my wife and 9 year old daughter Yasmin.

I am trying to figure out if this is in any way possible. I know it is a very short term, and she does not speak English. On the other hand, she needs some kind of daily activity. She is OK in school, so the main target would be to learn English and be together with other children.

I am considering a private teacher (a young girl who could come and stay at the apartment 2-3 hours every day), but she would still need to be together with other children on a daily basis… I have been searching the Internet but can not really find any good leisure activities/clubs. Could you guide me in the right direction?

Thanks! Also – are there any “family friendly” areas in Dubai? I were in Dubai 3 weeks ago, but did not see any public playgrounds at all… Any advice appreciated – thanks

A. A Dubai is extremely child friendly. There is an array of companies offering children’s activities whether it be sport based or the arts. Please click here to  look at our website  for a guide on what activities there are to do. If your child would like to do anything in the arts check out Ductac. Where children can learn all forms of art, drama, music and dancing.

As you are coming in August many companies will be holding summer camps for children so again click here to have a look at the Expat Echo link to summer camps.  Dubai has many parks that again all have children’s play areas such as Safa Park, Zabeel Park & Creek Park. The beaches are also very child friendly and attract many families at the weekend.

For living residential areas such as Arabian Ranches, The Meadows and The Lakes are all geared around the family having paths to cycle on round lakes, play areas, pools, tennis & basketball courts.

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