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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise, I have family coming over to Dubai and am looking for cheap/reasonable weekend the nearby emirates..we basically want to spend some quality time together out of the regular hussle but have a low budget..

A Al Ain is a lovely easy get away in the summer months. Try the Mercure Jebel Hafeet Hotel in Al Ain. This hotel is located on top of Jebel Hafeet (915M) and has some fantastic views over the oasis town of Al Ain and the surrounding deserts. Being so high up it is also drier and cooler than other places in the UAE. The hotel has a large swimming pool with water slides, health club, and mini golf. Nearby is the Al Ain Zoo which the children will love. If you want to be by the beach check out the Golden Tulip Resort on the Musandam Peninsula in the Oman (120 km from Dubai). Please note if you have a UAE visa you do not need to obtain an Omani visa to visit this hotel. The hotel is right on the beach. If they will need a  visa and don’t have time to get one then there are many hotels in that area that are actually in the UAE such as JAL Fujeirah, Rotana Fujeirah and Sandy Beach Motel which all offer great swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. All of these suggestions are less than 2 hours from Dubai and will have some great summer rates.

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