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Ask Louise

Q Hi Louise. We are moving to Dubai this summer with 9 & 11 yr old boys. Could you please let us know some background/parents feedback of GEMS World Academy and Repton as these schools are only 2 have some places for our kids so far (British/IB). Any info would help. Great thanksG

A Both schools opened about 2007 and were built to cope with the incredible fast growth of Dubai. Since then Dubai was hit hard by the financial crisis however both schools still seem to be doing well. GEMS World Academy is part of the large GEMS group that has many schools in Dubai offering an array of different curriculum’s with GEMS World Academy following the IB program. Repton follows English National Curriculum till IGCSE then does the IB diploma in the final 2 years. Repton is a very large school with some year groups having up to 8 form classes.

It would be fair to say like any business (as that is what they essentially are) both went through the initial teething problems. In Repton’s case that included quite a lot of staff changes – teachers and management. However talking to parents at both schools they now seem to be happy and most importantly so are the children. Both schools have very good facilities and are now beginning to make their mark at the very competitive sporting events against other more established Dubai schools.

Because both schools go right through to age 18 your child can continue straight through from primary to secondary.

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