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Ask Louise

Q  Hi Louise, I have a few questions relating to kids ‘and’ my new job as follows: – My daughter who is now turning 13 wants her belly button pierced. We are moving to Dubai 8th August and I want to check whether there are any rules against this type of piercing in the schools. She will be attending the Dubai British school. – I am starting a new company in Dubai as a freight forwarder in logistics, I understand I need a labour card, how do I apply and how much is it? – I understand you can get a company fuel card for petrol? How do I apply and how much is it? – I understand I must have a salik card for automatic toll charges / speeding fines etc, how do I apply and how much will it cost? Thanks very much Paula

A I suggest you contact Dubai British School regarding the piercing – girls definitely have piercing here but each school will have their own rules.

Regarding your question about the labour card I am not sure if you are setting up your own company or working for a company – If you are working for a company they will have to apply for a labour card for you. The labour card fees are included in the fees that have already been paid for obtaining a work permit. If you are starting your own company then a whole lot of other rules will apply.

You can get an application for a Salik card from any petrol station or you can apply on-line
Documents Required:
• A copy of the car registration card
• A copy of the trade license (for companies)
• AED 100 for issuing the tag (including AED 50 credit)

Hand over all the documents at the petrol station and they will give you the Salik kit with a tag included which should be stuck to your windscreen. Every time you pass under the Salik gate Dhs4.00 will be debited from your tag. When your account runs low a sms message will be sent to you reminding you to top up your card which you can also do at the petrol station or online.

For fuel cards check out for all information.

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