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Ask Louise

Q  Dear Louise, Me and my son are on our husband’s/father’s visa but there has been some inconsistencies at my husband’s work so I plan to acquire a visa of my own by gaining employment so I can sponsor my son if things turn sour. My question is how much is the salary bracket for me to be able to sponsor my son? Thanks you very much!

A There is no problem if a mother would like to sponsor a son (if he is below 18). The minimum salary requirement is 5,000 AED total or 4,000 AED if accommodation is provided by the company. There is no limitation in terms of profession, job title etc. However should you need to sponsor your husband you will need to have a specific profession such as engineer, doctor or teacher. If you are not employed under one of these professions the visa application will be subject to approval from Immigration. The minimum salary requirement would be 10,000 AED in this case.

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  1. rania says:

    If the father is in the country and has his own residence visa, then the mother cannot sponsor the kids. She can sponsor all the family or only herself, or herself and the kids if the dad is not in uae.

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