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Ask Louise

Q  Hi Louise, I am Indian, on my father’s visa and I got married in February, 2011. I came to the UAE in March on my father’s visa and am now staying with my husband. I am pregnant and wish to deliver in the UAE. We have our marriage certificate attested, can I have my baby here under my father’s sponsorship? My father is in Al Ain and my husband is in Dubai. If I can deliver, what are the post birth procedures to be done? Hope you will help me, as I am now three months pregnant.

A Hi, thanks for your question. I directed this to our immigration department and this is what they answered…
A married woman cannot be under their father’s sponsorship. In this case, you should cancel your residence permit sponsored by your father and obtain a new permit sponsored by your husband (I assume that obtaining a visa through an employer would not be an option due to pregnancy).

Please also note that the baby can only be sponsored by its parents and not by its grandfather.

A UAE Residence permit for a baby must be obtained within 120 days from the date of birth.

Hope this helps.


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