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Ask Louise

Q  Hi Louise, My residency visa is due for renewal. When I applied for the Emirates ID it was at the beginning when it was on-line and then a wait of 12 hours. Do you know the procedure to renew a Emirates ID when a new residency visa is acquired? PS I have a new passport also so the passport number on my “old” ID will not be correct either. Alan

A Expiration of national ID card is linked to the expiration date of Residence permit.

The renewal process consists of the following steps:
Step 1. Pre-registartion at typing center (Original passport is required)
Step 2. Registration – eye scan, finger print and digital signature. (Original passport and bar coded application issued in the step 1. are required)*
Step 3. ID card delivery/collection (Original passport and form issued in the step 2. are required for the collection)‎

NOTE*: Step 2 – registration may not be required (please see below).

Pre-registration needs to be completed through the authorized typing centers. Please see the list of authorized typing centers. Typing center will provide bar coded application based on applicant’s request for ID card renewal. Application will include the new passport number.

Once bar-coded application is typed in the step 1, typing center will check in the system whether all data (eye scan, finger print and digital signature) have been properly collected in the past. If EIDA system shows that some procedures must be repeated, an appointment will be given for the registration process. Applicant will need to visit registration center on the day of registration appointment.

ID card will be issued approx. 3 weeks to 2 months after the registration process.‎

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