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Ask Louise

Q  Dear Louise, I am relocating to Dubai this month with my 2 dogs and was wondering what brands of dogs food were sold in the shops. I was trying to do a google search but couldn’t find any online stores selling other than royal canine, hill’s, or eukaniba. Is there any other brand available? Thank you for your help! Imola

A  I contacted HomelyPetz for this answer and this is what they said:
As with all health issues with a pet, you must always seek veterinary advice first. Dubai is blessed with a number of premium pet foods although Orijen/Acana is not available here. Hypoallergenic food is available from Premium Foods such as Royal Canin, Hills and Eukanuba all available here in the UAE although as they are veterinary food products are only available from reputable veterinary clinics in the first instance. If you have not registered your pet with a veterinary clinic then do visit under the community section for useful numbers of which there are recommended vet.

The UAE authorities only allow prescription pet foods to be sold at vet clinics so we would recommend you contacting a vet clinic before or when you arrive.

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