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Ask Louise

Q  Hi Louise, I would like to know the requirements of sponsoring my husband. I hope you can help. Thanks!

A Professions of “Doctors, Engineers and Teachers “can sponsor their husbands with salary of AED 3000 + accommodation or AED 4000. For the other professions the basic salary should be AED 9000 +accommodation or AED 10000 and holding university degree.‎

Requirements for Entry permit are as follow:

· Application form.‎

· A copy of the sponsor’s passport.‎

· A copy of the sponsored passport.‎

· Approved marriage certificate (From UAE embassy and the Ministry of foreign affairs + the Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.)‎

· Work contract if you are working in private company and salary certificate if you are working in the government or free zone company.‎

· Tenancy contract attested from land department.‎

· AED 220 application fees.‎

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