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Ask Louise

Dear Louise, I have a couple of questions for you and I hope its okay to ask them all in the same request?  Firstly, where can I buy size 13 (UK size) shoes here in Dubai?  All the sports shops (including Decathlon) only seem to go up to a size 12 and my son has grown out of his current size 12s.  Secondly, I have been very lucky in getting a part-time job and would like to open my own current bank account.  I am after one with a low minimum amount and low monthly charges.  Many thanks.

I have talked to various mothers who also have sons with big feet and are finding it difficult to find sports shoes – they have found that if you go to the actual brand shops such as Nike, Adidas etc then they carry bigger sizes.

As far as the opening a bank account that does not require you to have a minimum account balance or very small balance I would try Emirates NBD and RAK Bank who both supply you with a debit card making it easy to pay for things and withdraw money.

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