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Ask Louise

I have been working in Dubai for 1 year in Reception/Administration and am on a freezone visa. Yet on my internal contract it states that if I resign within 3 years of my contract, I will need to reimburse the company for the years that I won’t be using my visa. Also they said that I still need to get my Emirates ID. I have a DMCC visa, can you help me? Thanks! Mariz

DMCC free zone has a standard template for the employment contract for each employee. Kindly note that the standard template is the legal binding document set up to protect both parties.

If an employer within DMCC decides to make an internal contract they can but there will be no action taken by DMCC authority if employee breaks the rule of an internal contract.‎ Hope this is of help to you. Could you clarify your question regarding the ID card – do you want a company to help you get one?

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