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Ask Louise

I am working full-time in Dubai Media City and my visa is sponsored by my employer. It is a free zone employment visa issued by TECOM. I would like to work part-time during weekends. The question is if I am allowed to do so or if there are any restriction, like e.g. if I can only work part-time in TECOM but not in the rest of Dubai. And if I am allowed to work part-time then where do I get a part-time work permit from? Please advise me in this matter and I will be very grateful.

An employee sponsored by TECOM will be allowed to work part time in private company registered with Ministry of Labour only if the current employer provides No Objection Certificate (NOC) and new company obtains a temporary work permit for this employee through Ministry of Labour.

TECOMĀ  confirmed that an employee fully sponsored by this free zone will not be allowed to work part time for some other company in TECOM.

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