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Ask Louise

I have started a company in Dubai offering personal chef services.  Creating bespoke menu and cooking options in the client’s home.  What do you think is the best way to promote my business in Dubai and to reach out to the expat community?

A great way to start would be on Expat Echo Dubai!  There is a section of our website that features Into-yous, that is, 5 minute interviews with expats living in Dubai.  There is even room for a brief bio which is ideal for you to mention your new business and link to your website or facebook fan page. They are easy to do, you can fill in the online interview and submit your answers along with a profile picture (in JPEG format). We will share your Into-you on Expat Echo Dubai as well as on our facebook and twitter profiles.

I would also suggest advertising your business on the notice boards of local supermarkets such as Spinneys, Choithrams and Park’n’Shop.  It would also be good to maybe get some articles in local UAE magazines such as Emirates Woman, Connector and the new Good Housekeeping.  Hope these suggestions help you with the launch of your company.

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