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Ask Louise

Both my sons go to GEMS Wellington Academy School at Silicon Oasis.  While my older son in Year 3 goes by bus, the younger at FS1 (KG1) doesn’t have a bus under the school regulations.  Can you recommend a private service bus company that drives kids from Emirates Hills to Silicon oasis already?  I contacted one before and they told me to collect the kids myself which honestly I failed to do.  Is there any other suggestions?

In the past few years the RTA have tightened up school bus regulations so I would recommend contacting them at or +971 4 800 9090 to see which companies they can recommend.  Buses transporting children to school need to have bus drivers with special bus driving permits.

Dubai Taxi has also started a service called ‘Al Ayadi Al Ameena‘.  This service provides lady drivers to transport children under 10 to and from school in Dubai and is charged monthly.  It was on a trial basis earlier in the year but it would be worth you contacting Dubai Taxi to see if they could help you.

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  1. Christina says:

    I am in the same boat. My son is starting FS1 in September at GEMS Sillicon Oasis and I live and work near Jebel Ali, so its a disaster! I tried calling the RTA but they could not help. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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