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Ask Louise

What are the 3 major banks in Dubai?  My daughter is moving there shortly and will be working for Emirates Airlines.  We are from the United States and wonder if we can transfer funds.  Thank you!

There are many major banks in Dubai such as HSBC, Emirates NBD, RAK Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, CitiBank etc., but sending money back and forth to the States can become complicated so I would recommend your daughter opening a US $ account and a Dirham account with a bank such as CitiBank when she arrives and it will be easy to transfer money to and from the two accounts.

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  1. Wendy says:

    If its to get your daughter money, then I would receommend that your daughter opens up a bank account with your local branch. That way you can deposit in her account in the US and she can use her US interact bank card to withdraw the money here in the UAE. She’ll have a small fee when taking the money out, but it will most definitely be less then the overseas bank transfer fee.
    If it’s for her to transfer her income back to the US, then I would follow Louise’s advice 🙂

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