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Ask Louise

What about the documents needed for transferring a maid. Does she have to leave the country?

No, the housemaid will not need to leave the country.  First of all the housemaid’s residence permit which was sponsored by the previous sponsor must be canceled prior to submission of the application for new entry permit arranged by a new sponsor.  Below are the fees that will need to be paid.

1.  Entry Permit In country: AED 720
2.  Change of Status: AED 510
3.  Residence Visa: AED 5000 + AED 100 + 100  maid Card
4.  Security Deposit: AED 2000 refundable deposit .‎

The same documents are applicable for change of status and residence permit application so you will need  the housemaid’s original passport, original entry permit (obtained in initial step) and medical check results. Required documents for medical check are as follow:

  1. Medical Fitness request (obtained in typing office or on line)
  2. Original passport of housemaid
  3. Passport copy of housemaid
  4. 2 passport size photos on white background

To find out more about sponsoring a maid in Dubai click here

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  1. sylvia says:

    I would love to know if the (soon to be ) husband is allowed to stay in her quarters. He is sponsored by his company. I do not mind this but only when I am on holiday. WIll I be in trouble for doing so?

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