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Ask Louise

My husband is interviewing for a position in Dubai. We have three sons, 21, 19, and 17. Two are currently in university in the US, one will graduate high school in the spring.  I have done some research on the universities available there if any of them would want to move with us. Would moving young adults that age, to attend an international university, work and is it feasible? We lived in Australia as expats for three years while they were in grade school, and we all loved the experience.

Yes it would work as there are now many international universities here in Dubai offering a variety of courses and they would meet many different nationalities at these universities.  Please bear in mind life here for them would be slightly stricter for them regarding the laws that they should abide by and also that boys over the age of 18 cannot be sponsored by their fathers. However, if they are in full time education  proven by study certificate from the approved university inside the UAE.‎ they can get a visa. Residence permit for students is valid for one year and it is further renewable.

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