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Ask Louise

Hi, Happy New Year!
Louise, can  you let me know is there any place where camel milk and camel burgers are available?

Yes, you can get camel milk in most of the big supermarkets and camel burgers are served at a restaurant called Local House Coffee Shop and Restaurant by the Creek near the Dubai Museum.

Expat Echo Dubai would love to hear from our readers if they have discovered Camel burgers anywhere else around town?

5 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Theresa Tsui says:

    the cafe next to Basta Art Cafe has camel-meat on the menu. Pretty sure they had camel burgers

  2. Sally Prosser says:

    Camel milk is often in the supermarkets. Try Union Co-op

  3. Summyia Nouman says:

    union cooperative has camel meat

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