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Ask Louise

Hi, is there a vegan grocer in Dubai? Thank you.

There is not, as far as I know, a grocer selling strictly all vegan products however there are some great organic supermarkets and local vegetable markets including the Organic Foods and Cafe, Ripe, and Down to Earth Dubai.

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  1. Louise says:

    Please see some useful info from one of our facebook readers:

    I haven’t seen a ‘vegan grocer’ – but as vegans we do get all our stuff in most supermarkets and grocers in Dubai. With a large vegan Indian population around, you get enough choices of almost everything you need for a vegan lifestyle. Unlike in the Far-East, I found Dubai to be more accommodating to vegan sentiments as the vegetables section in most supermarkets are separate from the meat/fish/poultry sections. I frequent Lulu Hypermarket in Karama, wherein the Vegetables section is near the South Exit while the others are near the North Exit.

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