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Ask Louise

My wife and my 2 year old baby are here in Dubai on a 2 months visit visa. We would like to know if it’s possible to get them under my sponsorship (husband’s/father’s) after their visas have expired. What requirements do we need and do they still have to exit the country to change their visa? (Filipino passports).  Is it possible to transfer a visit visa to father’s/husband’s visa?  How much would that cost?

Here is what Move One Inc Immigration Services answered:  The Husband/father who is a Dubai resident, will be able to sponsor the family if he meets the minimum salary requirements: 3,000AED (if accommodation is provided by a company) or 4,000AED (without company’s accommodation).‎

If the family is in the UAE on a Tourist visa, then the sponsor (husband/father) can initiate a family’s process by applying for their Entry permits but once they are issued the family will have to exit the country and arrive on their Dependant Entry permits.

If the family is in the country of Visit visas (sponsored by an UAE resident or UAE based company), they will not have to exit the country and will be able to change the visa status in country.

Dependant entry permits should be processed during validity of current visas and it is advisable not to wait for visas to be expire.

Please see below government fees per applicant:

  • AED 780 Entry permit – applicant inside the country
  • AED 610 Change of visa status (applicable if family is in the UAE on Visit (not Tourist) visa)
  • AED 260, 370, 470 or 690 AED – standard and expedited options for medical check (required only for wife)
  • AED 310 or 410 – standard and expedited Residence permit stamping

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  1. mglorioso says:

    Thank you for your reply to my question 🙂

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