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Ask Louise

Could you tell me what’s the law for registering a baby if we were married 3 months after pregnancy?

If I understand this query correctly, you got married when your wife was approx. 3-4 months pregnant and were married at the time of delivery.

If this is a case, we have been advised the following by immigration: “You are kindly requested to follow this matter with Dubai court and Ministry of Health as DNRD require a valid Marriage Certificate in order to process the residence visa.‎”

Therefore, as long as they have a valid Marriage certificate (fully legalized if it was not issued in the UAE) at the time of the visa application for the baby, this will be accepted by immigration.

We also contacted the Health Authority and they referred us to Dubai hospital – birth certificate section. Dubai hospital also confirmed that a couple must be married at the time of delivery and there will not be any negative consequences if they got married during pregnancy.

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