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Ask Louise

Can you tell me, is it The Tenant or The Landlord who is responsible for registering a property rental contract with RERA?For this question I contacted our property section 1Step Properties and this is their advice:

The landlord is responsible to register a property with RERA (the tenant cannot do it).  He is also responsible to register the rental contract with Ejari (which is different) but in case the landlord has registered the property but not the rental contract, the tenant can register the rental contract itself (as it can be useful for him, in case for example he wants to file a case against his landlord, the rental contract has to be registered with Ejari)
The cost to register a rental contract with Ejari is 160AED.

EJARI is the new initiative of RERA to regulate and facilitate the Rental Market of Dubai. This is a new system that will make provisions of Law No. 26 of 2007 effective that is regulating the relationship between Landlords and Tenants in Dubai. This will require all individuals and companies acting as landlords to register tenancy agreements using EJARI. “


4 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Maureen says:

    where can we submit a complain if the previous landlord dont want to give the deposit back?

  2. andre says:

    Hi Louise

    Thank you for offering this facility. Please help me with the following. Our Landlord after 2 years gave us a 20% rental increase, however according to the Rera calculator our increase should be zero and he gave this by e mail 40 days before the contract was due for renewal. We know we can argue but have a small problem, we have a registered Ejari contract which we registered but only a copy of the original contract. Somehow we lost it after Ejari registration. We also have the cheques as paid for two years, however an original contract is required for Rera to help us, how do we get past this??

    • Louise says:

      I have spoken to our in house experts and 1Step Property who advise
      If it is registered with Ejari it should be fine, as to register with Ejari they needed to have an original contract.
      They should go to the rental committee to open a case.

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