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Hello, My daughter has just recently moved to Dubai as flight attendant  with Emirates Airlines. She is not new to this field. She has worked for a number of airlines in the United States. She is 28 and has about 7 years of experience. While she has never been anxious when traveling to other countries she is feeling very unsafe in Dubai.  She is also concerned that her income will not sustain the cost of living in Dubai. Traveling about the area she has felt very uncomfortable with remarks made by some and cab drivers who seem to take advantage of her situation. Is there an American Embassy in Dubai?  This is just for my information as a worried mother.  I appreciate any information you could give me about Emirates airlines or how she might feel more comfortable living in Dubai.

In my experience compared to many other cities in the world Dubai is very safe.  Due to visa requirements most people here are busy working striving for a better life than they would have back home.  As with any country common personal safety measures should be taken.  If she does not feel comfortable about taking cabs I would recommend her to use the Metro as much as possible or take taxis when with a group of friends.  Another tip if taking a taxi alone would be to make a call  to a friend giving the taxi id number (shown inside the cab) and make sure the taxi driver hears her.  There is not an American Embassy in Dubai but there is an American Consulate.  Emirates is a huge airline that is growing every day.  They recruit thousands of cabin crew so I would recommend she talk to the HR department regarding her worries.

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