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Ask Louise

A colleague caught a queue of sewerage trucks emptying into the desert near to the Ranches last night. After they had done so there was a lake of sewerage there. The drivers had a ticket to say Emaar told them to do it. Is there someone who we can complain to? Thanks

The correct people to complain to is Dubai Municipality Drainage & Irrigation Department (tel +971 800 900). I would also go into the Emaar Community Management Office at Arabian Ranches (in between Al Mahra and Hattan compounds next to the sewerage works!) and see if they can throw any light on the situation.

6 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Rhiannon Van Duckworth Downie says:

    BGreen magazine would like to look into this issue!

  2. Lisa Teo says:


  3. Joanne Westeng says:

    Keith Mutch had big campaign on this a few years ago when sewerage was being illegally dumped and draining into sea by DOSC!

  4. Judy Citro says:

    That is disgusting! Wonder if it’s the Burj Khalifa waste trucks?

  5. Darlene Vickery-Brooks says:

    Better go to Gulf news ! This was a huge problem 3 years ago when the tankers were caught dumping near DOSC.. The entire beach area was polluted from DOSC to Jumeirah beach hotel. Very bad if they r starting this again..

  6. Majorie says:

    Or, please contact me if you or somebody you know witnessed something similar.

    I work as a reporter for Emirates 24/7 and I am sure it would lead to an interesting article.

    Mail to

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