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Ask Louise

I’m urgently looking for a new maid and I’ve had bad experiences before. Therefore, I am very careful in the hiring process. Are there any agencies you can recommend? And I don’t mean one of those in Qusais or Sharjah as I’ve heard horror stories from there. Is there any agency that also guarantees for the maid and replaces if necessary? I’ve heard of Kaizen People but they want to be paid before even doing anything. What about Howdra? Or can you recommend another one?

Contact The Perfect Help.  They have two types of service they can offer you.

The express service:

a.       Search process takes 7 working days, and you are assured to receive CVs only of candidates with the skills and qualifications you require:

i.      Profiling all candidates to your needs (nationality, salary bracket, experience…)

ii.      Pre-screening and interviewing candidates for you

iii.     Rewriting of CVs to their standardised format with a brief report (their recruitment manager has more than 15 years’ experience in HR and will assist you through the whole process, all adding to your comfort and security)

iv.      Scheduling of interviews with your selected candidates either in Mall of the Emirates or in your home (with a supplement)

v.      Assistance in hiring (paperwork, visa, etc)

b.      All of this for an upfront payment of only Aed 1 300 for which they supply you with 5 formatted CVs of suitable candidates, of which you can interview up to 3.

2.       The serenity service:

a.       Their search offers you the guarantee that they will provide suitable replacements should you find your maid not suitable within 3 months

i.      All the above

ii.      One complimentary housekeeping training session of 4 hours given in your home (value Aed 600)

b.      All of this for an upfront payment of Aed 1000 and a success fee of Aed 2000 for which we supply you with unlimited formatted CVs of suitable candidates, of which you can interview up to 5.

Just to add to this, all their candidates are already in Dubai, and can start working immediately as they are on visit, tourist or cancelled employment visas.  Their highly qualified recruitment manager Priscilla has 15 years experience in HR and is there every step of the way to assist their clients, and personally attends all interviews making sure candidates are briefed and on time.  Her screening criteria are very strict, in fact she interviews up to 10 candidates for every 1 she considers good enough for our clients!  Their recruitments take a maximum of 7 working days, and their clients always select one of the first 3 candidates they meet.

The contact number for recruitments is 056 115 6596

2 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Desperate says:

    Thank you. I contacted them and they said they are fully booked and have a looooong waiting list. Guess that is a dead end. 🙁

    Any further recommendations would be very welcome!

  2. Dear ‘Desperate’
    I am very sorry that you have experienced our wait list – our service is very qualitative, to give you an idea, for every maid that we recommend to our clients, we will have interviewed 10! In striving to offer only excellent candidates we spend a lot of time in the process and therefore get booked up very fast. If you could drop me an email, I will put you on the top of the list, we are hiring more recruiting staff and should be able to continue to offer our great service to more families very soon.
    We do however have availability in our trainings, so should you in the meanwhile find a suitable helper, we would be happy to arrange housekeeping, cooking or serving trainings for them.
    Once again, my apologies for the inconvenience

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