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Ask Louise

I am moving to Dubai in a few weeks and we want to live in the Jumeirah area. Could you please give me a good contact for a real estate agent who really knows the Jumeirah area? Also, I am looking for a maid. Do you know how to proceed and what is the best way to find a maid?

Contact 1StepProperties.  I also advise driving yourself round the Jumeirah area as many villas have rental boards on the gates. Please read Expat Echo Dubai’s article on hiring a maid which will give you all the information you need.

When you are new to Dubai I would advise hiring a part-time maid through one of the agencies till you get settled and understand exactly what help you need. It is also worth noting that after April many maids already here and with experience will be looking for new jobs as their employers leave Dubai. This will give you an opportunity to speak to their former employers and obtain a reference. Many employers advertise on the supermarket notice boards looking for new employers for their maids or you may hear of a great maid looking for a new job by word of mouth so don’t rush into it.

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