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Ask Louise

Greetings. Can you recommend a company that does garage shelving? Metal, not wood (due to the heat in the closed garage). I have spoken to various companies yet they do not seem to understand the basics of what I am looking for. Thanks. Regards from Arabian Ranches.  Charles.

I do not know of a company that does that apart from companies such as Speed Group etc however I think these companies install storage solutions for large corporate clients rather than residential.  I have asked various friends in the Ranches what they do and a few of them are using metal shelving from ACE Hardware Рfrom looking at it the shelving  is metal on the outside and the shelves are MDF. I have MDF shelving in my garage and they have withstood the heat for the past 4 years (with the garage doors shut) so these ACE shelves may be just the trick.

If any of our readers have any contacts for Charles we would love to hear from you.

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