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Ask Louise

New to Dubai, I am looking for the contact number of a recruitment agency that offers full-time house maids. Regards, from Jumeira.

You can contact companies such as Maids Dubai and The Perfect Help who will help you narrow down the search and recruit or alternatively if you can hold on you are coming up to a good time of year (after the Easter Break) when many expats leave Dubai and look for a new employer for their housemaids.  This is also useful as you can speak to the old employer and get a first hand reference.  Many of these maids will have had many years experience working in Dubai. You can then transfer the sponsorship of the maid from the old employer to yourself.

For part-time help in the home take a look at Expat Echo’s Maid Agency Directory.

2 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Jennifer says:

    After many failed attempts at finding the perfect fit for our family, I came across Howdra and have now been using their services for over a year. They offer full-time, live-in maids and part-timers as well. We have a full-time, live-in maid and she is wonderful. Howdra are always pleasant to talk to and we have had no issues. My best advice would be to prepare a list of questions and ask them in the interview, this way you will know who you want to hire. When we hired our maid through Howdra, we had three girls to interview and we chose the one that best suited our needs as a family. Howdra also give you the option to change your maid if the one you chose is not working out. I would recommend Howdra every time. Good luck with the search!

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