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Ask Louise

My husband and I are thinking of settling down in Dubai. However I have a child with learning disabilities, he’s aged 11 so will be starting secondary in September, 2012. I would very much appreciate it if you could let me know what level of support is available there in schools, as I will be moving from the UK. We have been offered free accommodation in our chosen area, car, flights, medical and school fees. Salary 25,000 DHS per month. Any advice would be good, thanks.

Year 7 is a very difficult year group to get children into school in Dubai whether they have learning disabilities or not. Schools in Dubai are very limited in the amount and extent of learning disabilities they can cope with (usually Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, processing problems). They do not get any support from the government and each schools learning support department is relatively small. It would also be dependent on what his learning disabilities are. You would have to contact each school individually and discuss the matter with them.

Please see our directory of schools which list the schools, curriculum followed and whether they are primary, secondary or both. I suggest you start with Dubai British School, English College, Dubai English Speaking College, & Repton to see initially if they have any Year 7 spaces available and then discuss fully the learning support available in each school but this will be limited.

For a list of clinics offering services for children with learning difficulties click here

5 Responses to “Ask Louise”

  1. Mrs Khan says:

    Call (+971 4 423 3667) or visit Child Early Intervention Medical Center in Health Care City. I don’t exactly know what kind of special needs your child has but they work closely with schools and have American-trained therapists that provide aid for schools to help with your child’s needs.

    • Tasina khan says:

      Thank you for your reply Mrs. Khan, very much appreciated.
      My son was involved in a road accident and since then has acquired brain injuries. He is now 11 and will be starting secondary in September, 2012.
      Academically his not as smart as the rest of his class and is receiving support by means of one to one sessions at his current school.
      We have been offered a great package there but I cannot afford to leave the UK if there is limited support there for my son. He is able to go to a main stream school but just needs help in lessons and his work is set differently to the other children.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
      King regards

  2. Tasina Khan says:

    Also could you please let me know what areas I should be looking to move to that are closer to Dubai British School and Gems Wellington International?

  3. Louise says:

    Take a look at The Springs, Meadows, & Al Barsha – all these areas are close by these 2 schools.

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